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Ultimately the new pet owner decides whether his/her pet will be registered. PKCA would like to make it as easy as possible for the Breeder to provide a quality professional look. Filling out the application is as hard as it gets. The Breeder has a section to fill in and then the new owner completes the application by naming the pet and providing personal information for ownership. The Breeder must sign the application attesting to the purity of the breed. The application is then mailed to PKCA with a fee of $25.00.

Litter Registration

Litter registration with Purebred Kennel Club Of America is not a must. PKCA wants to offer the option to obtain puppy papers for a litter for your convenience. Giving your new pet owner registration papers at the time of sale shows a professional attitude of a responsible breeder.

To obtain litter papers use a litter application. Fill in the sire and dam, date of birth for the litter and list each puppy with its gender and color/description. As a breeder give your personal information, sign the application, and mail the application to PKCA with a $12.00 fee.

Another option for breeders who have a computer with Microsoft Word: PKCA will provide a CD with Word files. The Breeder will be able to produce his own papers. The fee for the CD is $35.00. Updates are available for $12.00 if the form changes.

Kennel Registration

PKCA has a one-time offer for each new Breeder. Each kennel/breeder will be allowed to dual register each dog in their stock for a fee of $1.00 each. This helps with the cost of providing a certificate. After the initial start, the dual registration fee will be $5.00

Dual Registration

While PKCA honors most registries, we naturally prefer the sire and dam be registered with PKCA.

Should you desire to dual register your breeding stock; you may sign a dual application, photocopy your existing registration and mail them to PKCA with a fee of $5.00.

Qualifying Registration

What is a Qualifying Registration? If you have a pet you know is a purebred, but does not have registration papers; the Qualifying Registration is a means to obtain your registration.

You will need to take a picture of the purebred canine. The picture needs to be a side view. Take some measurements such as height at withers and length from shoulders to tail. Write these measurements on the picture. Also give some characteristics associated with the breed such as a black mouth, liver nose, floppy ears, etc.

Fill out the application with the information you have. If the parents are not known, enter "unknown". Then sign the application attesting to the purity of the breed, and mail all of this with the fee of $25.00 to PKCA

A committee at PKCA will consider the picture and make a judgment as to whether the dog is a purebred based on the information attested to. A certificate of registration will be issued with the letter "L" on the registration number. These registrations are subject to disqualification if at any time the animal is proved not a purebred.

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